Dressing up for school

I really like the English school system, really. And uniforms are a fantastic thing, we don’t waste time in the morning  with two girls, including a pre teen to decide what to wear for hours, we just spend  27 minutes to choose between socks and tight. I am sure all the mums in France are completely jealous. So, why on earth do primary school teachers insist on costumes all the time? They hate parents, and they are trying to get revenge on us for having to teach ours kids, right? 


In just three weeks, I had a letter about superheroes costumes for the children in need coffee morning at school. And one about a Tudor costume for PrincesseChipie. While PrincesseDiva has to go to school dressed as an Ancient Greek…and I cannot just throw an old sheet over her, oh no! SuperMum has already explained that she does not think it is very proper to let the standard of costume designs slip as low as last year…I was not there, but apparently some Victorian costumes weren’t even homemade, imagine the horror! How  do children will ever learn, with irresponsible parents like that, aargh! Thankfully SuperMum is saving us from this abomination…I hate making costumes, I cannot make costumes, I would rather eat a Victorian apron that make one for my children. I do not find any joy in sewing a Greek toga, and I don’t care what SuperMum and her fans think about it. But my daughters do. And I do care about them. So here we go again.

I have to make Tudor clothes for next week, last time I tried to fashion a Tudor hat for L’Ado when he was still in primary school, he ended up looking like a giant mushroom. The school gave us instruction too, probably to pacify SuperMum, how nice. Let’s see: “take an ordinary triangle bandage” WTF? What is an ordinary triangle bandage? See, I thought I was completely integrated in this country, and I don’t have an ordinary triangle bandage, when apparently, all English households should. It’s small things like that that can drive you to depression…I am not over dramatic at all. Ok what else? A shawl: “an old curtain pinned at the neck with a broach” I am not being difficult on purpose here (not really) but we have just moved, I don’t have an old curtain. And generally speaking, I tend to have nice curtains that I like and I do not want to wrapped them around my children’s neck. I think they go much better in the vicinity of the window, or somewhere like that. She would also have a long dress, “perhaps belonging to mum”. Are  you kidding me? I have nice clothes (like my curtains, but they don’t look the same at all, I am not a Royal) I don’t want my daughter to ruin them! There is an alternative, the dress could be “brought form a charity shop”. That’s a good idea. I should go back to the charity shop to buy  the old dresses I gave them when we moved, it’s for a school project, it must be educational…

If I survive the Tudor disaster, I still have to get away with a Greek toga who would probably end up looking like a curtain too and the superheros outfits, with a cape (maybe I can reuse the toga? Or the Tudor mushroom? )…I am dreading the Christmas play! 

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13 Responses to Dressing up for school

  1. No I cannot believe it! You have to do that?! But that’s ridiculous. Who on earth can be so picky! Ok SuperMum but come on, we’ve got other things to do.
    And I agree: curtains are curtains, dresses are dresses and cannot fit all the family 😦
    I’m speechless or kind of!
    I dressed up once as an ancient Greek and I took an old white sheet from my grand parents, a nice belt, in tissue, plates on my head, and I was perfect! Na!
    Good luck……….


  2. Seems like SuperMum has nothing else to do than sewing costumes for their children !
    I think I haven’t had so many costumes to find/sew/make for school purposes during the last 10 years than you had to since september !!! And there’s no problem if one costume has been bought or borrowed from another child in the school…
    I hope you will find an old homemade costume at the charity shop (I have a roman toga but it was designed for Mr 1er 2 years ago so it may be too large for PrincesseDiva… )


  3. celine49 says:

    Bon tu m’en veux pas si je speak french sur ton blog in english, hein ?? Mais moi ça me brancherait bien de leur faire une tenue Tudor, hop un mètre de toile jean pour la jupe, un vieux drap et un ptit haut cintré… (et entre parenthèse ça devrait être plus simple que la robe de la blonde caractérielle et de sa soeur partenaire associée en surgelés divers et hits pour karaoké 😛 )


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