Friday Feelings #1

Every Friday, on my other blog in French, I take part in “Les etats d’esprit” , created by the lovely Fédora and the self proclaimed asocial Postman. I like a good rant about nothing (which is frankly what my Friday feelings amount to most of the times), I don’t know why I could not do it in English too! Every week, you have to answer the same serie of questions, and write down when you start and when you finish. It can take me a while. I’ve just broken my record with the French version, something to do with gifs. They refuse to move, even when I shake the iPad vigourously… I am perfectly calm and collected. All the great geeks who participate in the Friday feelings are also doing a playlist and a Pinterest album, but I don’t have a clue, you have to go and see on Fédora or the Postman blogs.


Tiredness: ahaha…I have 5 kids.

Mood: in complete adequation with my tiredness level. It’s amazing to be so well balanced…

Stomac: very happy, I just had an English cheesecake with French coffee, perfect combination.

Physical condition: on the sofa…ok, maybe that’s not exactly what they are asking…

Spirit: asleep. Even after three cups of coffee, it’s hopeless. 

Job:I have an interview next week for a day nursery. I am sure the children can’t wait to learn French. Isn’t it the dream of every three year old? Eat mud or cat food, draw with permanent maker ps on freshly painted walls, test the theory of sound breaking, and learn French? 

Leftovers: a tiny bit of cheesecake. It’s criminal  to waste food like that, I think I should do something about it…

Thinking of: the calories in an average cheesecake…or not!

Personal message: thanks for the cheesecake, you are a star! (Not because you bring cake)

Personal opinion: calories are just a myth invented by cheesecakes haters, right?

Kids: L’Ado is complaining about something, I don’t know exactly, either the math teacher is facist or the cafeteria food is rancid…anyway, it’s an outrage. GeekAdo is also horrified, he is doing trampoline in PE. It’s better than football, at least, it’s inside, but because he is too tall, he keeps bumping his head. PrincesseDiva is trying to convince her teacher to put on a Greek play for their Greek day. I don’t care, I am not making a medusa costume with toilet rolls or a papier mache Trojan horse. PrincesseChipie is bouncing all over the place, she is going to a sleepover tomorrow. I wonder what kind of present I should get her friend’ s parents, to apologise in advance…Toddler 5 has just finished the cheesecake, and he didn’t even share with the cats! That’s not fair, he did give them some pizza earlier. He even force feed them himself. With his toy hammer. 

Friendship: good luck for Tuesday! 

Love: Marichéri is counting the hours before the weekend. 

A.O.B: not really..

Shopping : I wonder if it’s too late to get another cheesecake, I have to go and pick up the kids.

Going out: I have a great idea for a family day out on Sunday, there will be cake. I am a little bit tired of spending all weekends painting, painting, and painting (we had a extension built recently)

Want to: find a recipe for a dieting cheesecake. Not a diet cheesecake, that an heresy, but one who actually makes  you lose wait when you eat it, and unlike the traditional one, who makes you put on weight when you just look at it. 

Pic: did I mentioned I like cows? I think they are lovely animals, very calming (really, how can you be stressed out when you look at the complete and happy vacuum in the eyes of a cow grazing slowly?), and I love cheese, not just in cakes.  


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23 Responses to Friday Feelings #1

  1. Waitrose do lovely cheesecakes and are open until late no?… or try Tesco and Sainsbury…… 😉
    It’s never too late for a cheesecake!
    Diet one? try with light Philadelphia cheese and gluten free flour/biscuits. It will work, trust me I’m a Doctor! 😀
    Stop painting; you will be soon painting sick, if it’s not already done?! 😉
    Enjoy your weekend. I’m going to say hello to the cows with Muppet in few minutes.


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