Project 52 #40

I am taking part (actually, it’s Marichéri who is taking part. I cannot take a picture without it being lopsided, fuzzy and overexposed, even at night. But Marichéri takes great pictures, so I volunteered him and then I told him. He did it mind at all. Probably) in Ma’s project 52. You have to post a photo every week for a year, following a given subject. You can find all the participants and explanation on Ma’s blog. This week, she asked us to illustrate “details”.. Ahaha. I had litteraly zero idea.

The good think about having a collection, is that I can always use it for about anything. A detail? Sure, here is a detail of my cows collection! And because I feel generous, I even give you a detail of the detail, i.e., the cow’s eye. I really like this one (well, I like them all, I would not collect them if I didn’t), because we brought it in Madrid, during a fantastic children free holiday. 

Anyway, any excuse to have a picture of a cow…if you would like more “details”, on something completely different (see, I am not obsessed with cows at all), you can go and see on my French blog Pom de Pin.

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21 Responses to Project 52 #40

  1. You have a cow collection ! What a surprise 🙂
    Nice detail by the way !


  2. Beautiful colourful cow 🙂
    Well done onto that subject!


  3. Sorry, I write only french… But…
    Tu n’avais pas d’idée ? Celle-là est de taille !


  4. Risounel says:

    je ne parle malheureusement pas anglais, mais ton “détail” est bien truvé! bravo


  5. j’ai le même, qui arrive de Barcelone!!!!
    bonne soirée


  6. celine49 says:

    Hihihi j’allais te demander si c’était un taureau de la feria de Dax ? 😉
    En fait non… bisous !


  7. lanabc says:

    Ce détail, c’est tout toi. On a le droit de commenter en français ici… Je travaille mon anglais d’ailleurs


  8. fedora says:

    Je vais peut-être faire des progrès en anglais du coup 🙂 Nice cow !!


  9. sylvie says:

    it’s a spanish bull !
    On trouve beaucoup de ces objets dans les musées espagnols à Madrid notamment.
    Have a good afternoon.


  10. Lucile says:

    I didn’t even imagine that some people would have the idea of collecting cows! Talking about weird collections, when my son was younger, he started an acorn collection… ” Oh mum, please let me pick this one up, I don’t have it yet in my collection!!!” (no kidding…)


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