Friday feelings #2

I know, it’s supposed to be a morning thing…but I am sure Fédora and the Postman, who organise it  won’t mind. I have a very good reason to be late, I’m not well and I have been very busy feeling sorry for myself. Not that I love complaining or anything (not really). But I’ve been surviving on lemsip shots for two days, and that ‘s enough to drive anybody insane. What do they put in it? It cannot just be lemon and paracetamol, how do they get that horrendous smell? See, I am not dramatising at all. 

Here we go at 5:36

Tiredness: don’t make me laugh, or I’ll start coughing. Then I won’t be able to stop and I would have to get another lemsip. 

Mood: I am not grumpy at all. Not at all.

Stomac: almost on strike (I am  French, it’ s a cultural thing, I can even get parts of my body to go on strike independently like that. Usually, it’s the brain), to protest against an lemsip invasion.

Physical condition: see tiredness

Spirit: not on strike, on holiday. Permanently

Job: just because you tell me that I’m absolutely perfect for a job, it doesn’t mean I’ll be so flattered that I’ll accept to work for next to nothing. Nice try. Not. (I should stop talking like my pre teen daughter too. I mean, duh, seriously)

Leftover: no idea.

Thinking of: all the good advice I received this morning. I shoul definitively put something a little bit stronger in my lemsip, to be on the safe side, medically speaking,  like run. 

Personal message: you should send the letter back, asking for an explanation. It’ s outrageous. 

Personal opinion: or maybe I could just forget the lemsip all together and go directly for run-lemon-honey? There is obviously very nasty chemicals in the lemsip, it’s bright yellow. It cannot be good for my health, I should stick to natural products. 

Kids: L’ Ado made me a coffee. I didn’t even ask for it. I am scared. GeekAdo is feeling as good as me, he’s not even in front of his computer, saving the universe from intergalactic zombies or something , but in bed. With his iPad, but still. PrincesseDiva has decided that she will not catch our germs, because she doesn’t approve of them. Ok, let’s see if that works, she could be on to  something. PrincesseChipie loves her Tudor costume, but she is just waiting for me to finish it…oups , I am not sure I can do better. Toddler 5 is a real scientist. He does hesitate a minute to sacrifice his mother’s brain for experiment: how much does he have to scream for my head to explode? 

Friendship: congrats! 

Love: Marichéri is feeling sick too, but he went to work. I was full of admiration this morning, but I am convince now it was just  to avoid spending the day with Toddler 5.

A.O.B: seriously, what’s wrong with L’Ado? He is almost civil. It’s spooky.

Shopping: done!

Going out: absolutely not.

Want to: spend the week end with my duvet, with the children all on mute. 

Pic: the kitten is a genius, she took a selfie. I am very impressed.


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10 Responses to Friday feelings #2

  1. Well the letter is in the paper bin but yeah I could bring it back to them, asking for more explanation and talk to them about saving the trees!?!!!!
    So have you done some experiment with lemsip? lemsip in the coffee given by the Ado? lemsip with real honey, and delicious Rum? Hope it will go away rather quickly for you to enjoy the weekend, especially tomorrow afternoon!!!!! 😉
    Chaussette is a very cleaver kitten 🙂
    Enjoy your Lemsip weekend…… 😀


  2. Love the cat selfie !


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