Project 52 #41

I am taking part (actually, it’s Marichéri who is taking part. I cannot take a picture without it being lopsided, fuzzy and overexposed, even at night. But Marichéri takes great pictures, so I volunteered him and then I told him. He did not mind at all. Probably) in Ma’s project 52. You have to post a photo every week for a year, following a given subject. You can find all the participants and explanation on Ma’s blog. This week, for “art”, we are going to Madrid.


We absolutely loved the Reina Sofia Museum. It was renovated and extended an purpose, to be a museum, to offer the perfect setting  for the art exposed. It shows. Every painting, every sculpture benefits from the best possible light, the best environment to fully appreciate it. Well, except one, that was obviously too big to fit in! 

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9 Responses to Project 52 #41

  1. They should have built a museum around the sculpture ! But I like the idea it was to big to fit in any other place than outside !


  2. Weird peculiar sculpture…….not sure I could say I like it, neither that I dislike it. It’s …original! It’s Art 🙂


  3. elea1688 says:

    J’aime beaucoup ce style de sculpture en plein air.


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