Ten on ten:October

I am taking part in a photographic challenge (and it’s really a big challenge for me, as I am pathologically unable to take a correct picture) organised by my friend in Waterford (yes, in Ireland). Every 10th of the month (or a few days later…), each blogger posts 10 pictures taken during that day to illustrate a theme. For October, it’s the colours of Autumn. You would think that I cannot mess up such a poetic theme, but that would be underestimating me.

1- even after 20 years in the British isles, I still don’t get it. When the sky is bright blue in the morning, especially in Autumn, it does not mean it’s going to be a great day. The rain could still be coming. But I live in hope.

2-luckily, I am prepared. Did I tell you I love cows? And I am still completely within the theme, I have blue and green! 

3- Even if we are just in Autumn, the girls are already wearing their winter uniforms with bright red ties.

4-On the way to school! The trees are only starting to change colours.

5-Back home, Toddler 5 and I are wondering what are these new red things growing in the garden.

6-I even put some red inside. And yes, I have cows on a lampshade, why?

7- Capucine, our older cat is testing the cushion with Autumn coulours. The Kitten is doing the same, but I put her picture on Pomdepin so nobody is jealous. And believe me, it’s a good thing to keep those two apart!


8- You can tell I am running out of ideas…here is our lunch. It’s mind blowing, I know. We are starting to eat soups again now and Toddler 5 loves when they are green, I don’t know why. Should I be worried? 


9-Time to go back to school to pick up the girls, we have to be careful and watch our steps.


10-I definitively  need some brownish colours to finish..well, that us!


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12 Responses to Ten on ten:October

  1. You are an amazing lovely lady, full of love and passion ❤
    Here again really brilliant pictures. I can see that the cats "love" each other…..
    I was near to buy you an umbrella with cows design but found another idea….you'll just have to wait! 😀


  2. Your umbrella is truly amazing !
    I used to buy this brand of soups at the supermarket near my office when I was working near Paris : they were my lunch on work days ! I really liked them !


  3. I totally agree, pictures are very beautiful !


  4. Ccapucine looks sooooo comfy! She reminds me of my own who couldn’t sleep without some form of “pillow”. The red berries, I think they are hawthorn berries.


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