Friday feelings #3

I think I  have to accept it now, after three attempts. I will never get to post my participation in the “etats d’esprit” organised by Fédora and the Postman in the morning. I have done the French one, so it’s not all bad. Right? And I am not as grumpy as I was this morning, so it’s definitively a good thing. 

Tiredness: no, no improvement there. I was very tempted to help Toddler 5 with his nap earlier, but I had to referee a cat battle, answer the phone (no, thank you, I do not want a new kitchen), talked about the weather with the postman, then with my stalker neighbour, who saw me discussing the possibility of snow with the postman and absolutely wanted to join in. He has a opinion on the subject, but I might have started to doze off at that point. Then back inside to feed the cats before they start eating each other. Or my purse (yes, my purse. I blame L’Ado, I am sure he trained them to stole my purse and they got confused) At his point Toddler 5 woke up. Nice try for the nap. 

Mood: I swear, I am feeling a little happier than this morning, can’t you tell?

Stomac: happy. With coffee!

Physical condition: on strike. 

Spirit: it’s almost Halloween! Last year, I was unimaginatively depressed up as a witch…I have to find something else (yes, I was all dressed up. For my children Halloween party. I have an incredible life)

Job: that’s why I am feeling a lot better! I got an email after the non nap, from the parish council, they are offering me the job of French teacher in their day nursery! It’s perfect…but they want to see me Tuesday to discuss money. They already know how much I charge as a self employed teacher. Not sure they want to see me to offer more…

Leftover: nothing at all!

Thinking of: ahaha….I should think of something, I am sure I can think of something, eventually. Let me see, where did I put my brain again?

Personal message: no worry, I know you are busy.

Personal opinion: maybe I should ask the neighbour to cat-sit sometimes. Like, when I have not feed the cats for a few hours…It could be fun.

Kids: L’Ado is having his very first bout of man flu…I don’t know, is that considered a rite of passage or something? Should we get him a present? A box of personalised tissues? A hammer to cure his inexistamt headache? A restraining jacket with his name embroidered on the lapel? GeekAdo is feeling a lot better. He is an healthy greenish colour, with a sort of permanent shadowy halo around his head due to hours in front of the computer, in one word, he is back to his normal self, flu free. And very, very geek. PrincesseDiva think she should get prepare for teenagerhood and she has started to train for it years in advande. Great. PrimcesseChoie was delighted with her Tudor day at school. She loves her Tudor shawl so much, she has decided to sleep in it now. Toddler 5 has just discover knights and swords. He is currently and royally trying to knight the cats, who do not seem to appreciate the gesture. 

Friendship: tomorrow 

Love: Marichéri is amazing. It’s almost 19 years since we both volunteered to get pizza for the whole gang…it ‘s funny how we actually ended up with 5 kids, and no pizza. 

A.O.B: or maybe I should offer the neighbour a pet for Christmas. A tarantula? 

Shopping: on its way.

Going out: it’s raining! 

Want to: be in summer

Pic: it’s going to be a very, very loooong game tomorrow. Or an extremely short one. (I know, the WRC again …). I have kiwis cousins, maybe I should give them a call to see if there is anything they can do to help. 



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9 Responses to Friday feelings #3

  1. What do you bet for the score?
    I said to Dad tonight: 6-50…He replied: I hope no, but it’s not going to b easy at all!
    Muppet eats ll day long: small portions but eats all the time. I’ve read that cats can eat up to 19 times /day. Don’t you leave dry food for them?
    Wish you a wonderful weekend 😉
    Offer ducks and rabbits to your neighbours…the pets then might cross your garden 🙂


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