Project 52 #42

I am taking part (actually, it’s Marichéri who is taking part. I cannot take a picture without it being lopsided, fuzzy and overexposed, even at night. But Marichéri takes great pictures, so I volunteered him and then I told him. He did not mind at all. Probably) in Ma’s project 52. You have to post a photo every week for a year, following a given subject. You can find all the participants and explanation on Ma’s blog.
This week for “sky” we are going to Bordeaux. The English sky is not cooperating at all at the moment, it’s all grey and sad, so we had to find something else. See, even with clouds, it’s nice to have some blue gaps. I am tempted to hold the picture in front of the window (I am not going outside in this weather), look, sky, that’s what you should look like! Come on, just a tiny bit of blue…

I was very proud to inform my children, when we visited Bordeaux, that this square (it’s actually more of a rectangle), Place des Quinconces is the largest in Europe. Ah…And why do they have a trafalgar column on it? Rhaaaa, my kids are definitively English. It’s the colonne des Girondins, a monument to the Girondins. I paused, waiting for someone to mentioned the football, like most French children would do. But my kids didn’t say anything. The Girondins is also the name of Bordeaux football team, but except L’Ado, who is too old to make that mistake, nobody knew…ok then, the Girondins who names are on the monument were revolutionaries and more or less all got there head shopped off.  That’s impressed my children. At least. 

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11 Responses to Project 52 #42

  1. Oh I’ve had nether thought of the football team !!! (maybe because the only valuable football team is the Stade Rennais ? 🙂 )


  2. Well I could do the same with my picture for today’s sky! It’s grey and miserable and….cold! Arghhhh need my nice mug to warm me up 🙂


  3. Miss Gleni says:

    Un joli ciel au-dessus d’une très belle place
    Bon dimanche ; bisous – Nicole


  4. Mélina Bee says:

    Oooh my city ❤ today the sky is reaaaaly grey…

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