Friday Feeling #4

I know I have not been here lately. I don’t understand where the week has gone…at least, I am not as late as usual for the Friday feelings organised by The Postman and Fédora. I was determined to write something yesterday too, until PrincesseDiva informed  me that she had signed up for choir after school.  I spend all afternoon runing back  and forth between the school and our home like a chicken on steroid. First to pick up PrimcesseChipie. Then back home because she wanted to use the loo and the school gate was already closed after Toddler 5 had insisted on trying the slide on the playground next to the school. Then back to school, and the slide to wait for PrincesseDiva, only to realise that GeekAdo had forgotten his keys (and his phone) and would have not been able to get in. So back to the house again, just a minute to let GeekAdo and PrincesseChipie in, and back to school to pick up the  artist…I was so knackered all I could I wrote after that would have been even more gibberish than my usual rants. Anyway, to celebrate not being (too) late,  I have decided to write the time the English way. 

1:07 pm

Tiredness: I don’t care if one of the kids had signed up to be in the school football team, the circus or the UN peace Corp, today we are going home straight after school, and staying there. 

Mood: unsettled. I had a series of good news this week. I am still waiting for the bad one to strike. Well, I assume there will be a bad one, there usually is… I am so optimistic, a little ray of sunshine all by myself.

Stomac: satisfied. It had coffee.

Physical condition: are you kidding? After my trekking around the whole neighbourhood, armed with an heavy weight pushchair yesterday, I am trained for anything that could come. Anything at all. Like napping on the sofa. 

Spirit: hesitant 

Job: speaking of Spirit, I have accepted the job at the parish council day nursery. It’s attached to the church, with a fantastic playground right in the middle of the old cemetery. It’s a shame I only start in January, I am sure it would have been inspiring for Halloween.

Leftovers: still nothing

of: see above

Personal message: it’s going to be great to finally catch up!

Personal opinion: I don’t know why extra curriculum activities could not take pace during school time. If it’s just a semantic problem, that’s fine, I am more than happy to change the name. Intra curriculum activities? Not annoying your parents activities? Not making your poor mum run all the time activities? 

Kids: L’Ado is helping at the 6th form for open evenings, to get a free diner. It’s been incredibly peaceful , at home. GeekAdo is having an incredible meeting this afternoon after school. He will save us all  from intergalactic zombies with a friend…I know, it doesn’t seem suite  extraditing but wait: his frined is a real life one, and he will actually be in the same room! They may even communicate without any electronic device. It’s mind blowing…PrincesseDiva has decided to audition for a solo part in the Xmas play, she is rehearsing in her room. O joy. PrincesseChipie is determined to help her poor teacher who does seem to know what she is doing, so she has rewritten  her homework completely, it was too easy. And she had add some extra questions, including an essay on why science is great, just for fun. I am scared. This is how GeekAdo  started around the same age and he is now morphing into a Sheldon Cooper figure, only taller. And weirder. Toddler 5 is having a nap. I am not jealous at all. He had a great time when we visited the nursery on Tuesday! He did not break anything and he seemed very content with himself when the poor women said he was full of life. Ahah, wait until he starts in February! 

Friendship: next week is going to be busy! 

Love: Marichéri wont be not on holiday for the half term. If he could stop grinning like that when he says I will have fun with the kids…

A.O.B: see leftovers

Shopping: already done

Going out: not really

Want to : find a definitive cure for the flu

Pic: the nursery playground is just in the right. You should see it now, with the grey sky and the trees all brown and sad. So festive! Perfect for little kids.

2:15 pm

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8 Responses to Friday Feeling #4

  1. I’m sure you’re delighted that the school is so close from home now! But I can imagine how tired you must have been last evening.
    Are they doing nothing special for Halloween at your future work place? ‘cos the place seems perfect for scary stuff :-)))))
    Hope you’ll quickly get ride of your flu. I advice you: either Rum/honey and milk, or warmish Whisky with lemon, before going to bed. Because during the day it might look suspicious 😀


  2. fedora says:

    Peut-on faire des commentaires en français sur ce blog ??? 🙂 (si oui, j’aime bien la photo ^^ si j’ai bien suivi c’est à côté de ton nouveau job ? Si non, je peux essayer de m’appliquer ^^)


    • pomdepin says:

      On peut! Et oui, la crèche est attenante à l’église, juste derrière. La cour est à droite de la photo (pas le droit de prendre des photos quand les enfants y jouent) au milieu des tombes, ça va être fun!


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