Project 52 #43

I am taking part in Ma‘ s project 52. Yes, this week, as you can see with the complete fuzziness of the picture, Marichéri had let me do it all by myself, I think it was a mistake. The theme was “fil” in French, it’s amazing how such a little word can be hard to translated, depending on the context, it’s yarn, wire, cord, line, string…I decided to go for yarn. I thought it would be cute to photograph the kitten playing with it. Big mistake. 

I did not anticipate that a kitten could get so excited! And move so quickly….I took at least 30 pictures, and almost all of them, you can only see a flurry of yellow yarn and some kind of fluffy black hair. By chance, I managed to get one when Chaussette the kitten was regrouping a little after energetically trying to strangle herself. She was definitively planning her next move on her big fight to defeat the yarn. Unfortunately,  she lost. Yellow yarn 1-0 over enthusiastic kitten.  But Chaussette is not a quitter, she was still fighting after her defeat, while I was trying to untangled her. And she run after her yarn (and me) when I put it back in my art and craft box. She never paid attention to  that box before, she is now sleeping on it, probably waiting for her yellow opponent to come out again so she have her revenge…

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23 Responses to Project 52 #43

  1. elea1688 says:

    Les chats et la laine .. une grande histoire d’amour 😉
    Elle est top ta photo.


  2. Too funny!
    Next time you want fun in the house, try it again. I would advise you orange yarn, with Chaussette being black, she’ll match for Halloween!….


  3. We actually had the same idea… and almost the same result… Vador got playing with the yarn, and… well it was some kind of cat mess !


  4. Good luck! cats have a good long-term memory….


  5. Miss Gleni says:

    C’est super mignon et en plus tu as choisi un beau contraste de couleurs
    Bisous – Nicole


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