Project 52 #45

I am taking part (actually, it’s Marichéri who is taking part. I cannot take a picture without it being lopsided, fuzzy and overexposed, even at night. But Marichéri takes great pictures, so I volunteered him and then I told him. He did not mind at all. Probably) in Ma’s project 52. You have to post a photo every week for a year, following a given subject. You can find all the participants and explanation on Ma’s blog.

This week, the theme is music. Marichéri is a great musician. We had to build an extension just to house his collection of noisy stuff musical instruments. That’s just a little corner of his playroom, the whole thing is huge and full! The big amp on the picture arrived when I was at school. So the delivery man left it with our neighbours, our very old and fragile neighbours. When I went to collect it, she had been wondering for two hours what was this weird heavy thing, luckily she still did not understand when I told her, she could have been afraid. As a neighbour, in a quiet street. But her husband (like I said, very old and fragile. I mean 90 and walking slowly and delicately with a stick) was always proud to be a true old fashion English gentleman. So he insisted on carrying the amp home for me…can an amp be considered a murder weapon? I really thought neither (my lovely antic neighbour and the very heavy amp) would make it across the road. Last time I checked (we have moved), he was still alive with no recollection on the amp who works perfectly. It’s a relief. 

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7 Responses to Project 52 #45

  1. MariChéri seems to really have a passion for music !!! He has a great collection !


  2. I agree: music is maths 😉
    I’m impressed by his collection and most of my musician friends would be as well!
    My older nephew has as well a Marshall as Big has too. It’s kind of the normal good standard 😉


  3. Ce n’était ni une salle de jeu, ni même un bureau, qu’il fallait construire… mais une salle de concert ! (en isolant bien, les voisins n’auraient pas pu se plaindre… sauf pour le parking sur leur pelouse 😉 )


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