Ten on Ten: November

I am taking part in a photographic challenge (and it’s really a big challenge for me, as I am pathologically unable to take a correct picture) organised by my friend in Waterford (yes, in Ireland). Every 10th of the month (or a few days later…), each blogger posts 10 pictures taken during that day to illustrate a theme. For this November, it’s “simply beautiful”….ahaha…I’m going to struggle! 

1-  the girls playing with a squirrel on the way to school. I know, the photo is completely fuzzy, but a squirrel moves very quickly! 

 2-We still have a bush in the garden who valiantly insists on having flowers on in November, I do think it’s beautiful, at least for the effort! 

3- A picture in our bedroom of a prehistoric sculpture, found near where I come from (it’s the Lady of Brassempouy). I find it absolutely beautifully in its simplicity (the original of course, not my drawing, but the real one is in the Saint Germain en Laye Museum, near Paris, not in my bedroom).

4-Our kitten, when she royally pretends to be the sphinx, roya. I know some people have a thing against black cats, but I think she is beautiful.


5-I had to take a picture of the trees in all their glorious colour, nothing could be more simple, and they are beautiful.


6-PrincesseChipie asked why I was taking picture all day, so I explained. She is a very helpful little hpgirls, who insisted on taking part too. So she picked out something she found beautiful so I could tajpke a picture. Here it is. She think there is nothing more beautiful than a pink unicorn . It’s a opinion. 


7- I did not take this one today, I must say, but last time we had visitors from France and went to Colchester museum. I love it.

8- this is one of the most beautiful letters I have received recently! L’Ado is accepted at UCL…I know, it’s only beautiful for us, but really, I was all emotional. 

 9- I found moire flowers who resist the calendar, on the way to school.  

 10-and I have a finish with one of the cows from my collection. Yes I collect cows…it’s just to past the time until I have a real one of course! 



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7 Responses to Ten on Ten: November

  1. Some of your picture are amazingly…. out of focus 😀 So you’ve got plenty of room to improve…only joking 😉
    I do agree with PrincesseChipie….so pink that box!! 😉
    I’ve seen the original of the Lady Brassempouy; it’s tiny but beautiful.
    And like you, I find that black cats are beautiful!!!


  2. Lucile says:

    The first one is absolutely hilarious, really! I’ve to confess it took me some time to see the squirrel (the picture is just perfect, of course, it’s just that I don’t have my glasses!) .
    I agree, your sphinx kitten is so cute. I really like black cats (especially when they have golden or green eyes!) and I can’t understand all these things surrounding them…

    …Oh! And Congrats for l’Ado!


  3. All your subjects are so beautiful… I ADORE black cats … and unicorns, any colour, and sculptures, all art, by nature or made up 🙂 . So happy for l’Ado. (and yourselves)


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