Project 52 #47

Time to come back slowly, with the project 52 organised by Ma. We have to post a picture weekly, during one year, following a theme. All the details can be found on Ma’s blog too. 

This week, she has chosen inside, or in (‘dedans’actually)Maricheri   has been very busy at work, he had no idea…so once again, he picked a photo out of his files. Our cat (since nicknamed ‘the grumpiest cat in the universe’) was so cute when she was born, and so tiny. She could fit in Marichéri’s hand. So yes, exceptionally, it’s a picture I took!


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11 Responses to Project 52 #47

  1. elea1688 says:

    Il est trognon ce petit chat 😉


  2. So cute ❤ (and by the way, the pic is great ! )


  3. Big hand from Maricheri, small kitten and perfect photo from you! 😉
    PS: you have forgotten the word Maricheri at the beginning of the sentence. Read your paragraph again; you’ll spot it 😉


  4. Miss Gleni says:

    Un petit chaton tout doux, j’aime !
    Bisous – Nicole


  5. Craquante !
    Voilà une douceur bienvenue !

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