Project 52 #41

I am taking part (actually, it’s Marichéri who is taking part. I cannot take a picture without it being lopsided, fuzzy and overexposed, even at night. But Marichéri takes great pictures, so I volunteered him and then I told him. He did not mind at all. Probably…) in Ma’s project 52. You have to post a photo every week for a year, following a given subject. This week, she chose “Autumn”.

We are very lucky to have a fantastic arboretum near our village. Marks hall is a wonderful place, the gardens are a delight, with lakes, ducks, and rare trees. You still have a walled garden to enjoy or you can have nice walks in the woods, it really is a beautiful place…the only thing missing is the Tudor manor. Or any kind of manor. It was all destroyed. But it’s still great for a walk with the kids. 

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14 Responses to Project 52 #41

  1. Waouhhh it’s amazing! None of the trees I’ve spotted recently are red! Damned.


  2. That tree has a really amazing colour !


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