Sunny Monday #42

To start the week on a positive note, Bernie suggests that we post a sunny picture, but with a twist. Every month, he picks a different colour that should be incorporated in it. For October, it’s burgundy. I was frantically running all over the garden trying to find something burgundy, when I realised how stupid I am (who said :”about time?”). No need to go out, I have plenty of burgundy inside, on my walls! It’s not as sunny as outside, but I am sure the lamp can act as a substitute. It’s actually a real old gas street lamp, and it was made by Maricheri’s grand father. So was the chest of drawers underneath but the cow is mine, obviously! 

Have a great week!

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3 Responses to Sunny Monday #42

  1. And with flowers to make it even prettier! Beautiful 🙂


  2. asdb says:

    Moi j’adore j’adore j’adore la dĂ©licate petite cloche en verre avec son petit plat!!! Je collectionne les objets de table en verre moulĂ© ou gravĂ©, j’ai un faible pour cette verrerie; j’ai une douzaine de petites chopes Ă  bierre en verre pressĂ© avec diffĂ©rents motifs, quelques cloches avec ou sans motifs, quelques petits bols, tous du dĂ©but 20è je pense. Mais je n’avais jamais vu un si joli petit ensemble!


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