The barbarians

I know I start to sound like a broken record…The brexit again, over and over. Sorry to moan constantly, but we live in it. 3 millions of us are losing sleep, 3 millions of us  do not know how we’ll get by because of this stupid brexit. I  was naively among those who did not worry too much. Of course, a vote against Europe would be unpleasant, it would have disastrous economic consequences, but we’ll find a way to cope with it and continue ours life as undisturbed as possible. It’s not like they are going to throw us out. At worst, a rubber stamp on our passports and that would be it, right? Ahaha, wrong. Common sense and logic have deserted our brexiters. Who would triumphantly launch themselves into a surreal escalation of economical nonsense and ruin their own country? Who would suggest that they could deport 3 million people without whom the health system, the agriculture and the financial sevices (which provide the best part of the government tax intakes) would collapse, with only a crazy notion of going back to some mythical old days that never existed ? It does not make sense! It is so stupid, so mad that it can not happen. It is impossible…or is it? 


It feels like we are witnessing the end of British civilization as we know it, the British civilisation I loved so much, with its delicious humor, its outspokenness, its eccentricity, its openness to the world and its logical pragmatism. It’s vanishing fast. The barbarians, by which I mean the ones  who disregard  any form of cultural knowledge, and who scornfully ignore experts, well these barbarians are not at the gates of the country, they are running it. And they weren’t even prepared for it. Because of a cynical and completely misplaced political calculation, they were invited to come in, ok,  sit down there, in a corner and don’t disturb us. But the barbarians have no manners. They thrown down everything and took power. They are happily destroying everything in their path. Sorry to moan again, but it hurts. All I believe in  is attacked and inadvertently torned down by incompetents who do not have the beginning of an idea and are proud of it. Utter stupidity is in charge ! “What do you mean, two and two make four? No, we have decided that it was 3.5794. This is true because we say so, and if the world does not agree with us, they’re wrong. They must do as we tell them because we are the English, there! The whole world and Europe in particular are looking like they are laughing at us, but wait, they will obey our orders, it’s just a matter of days now. Or we will attack them with our cream tea and jam. In the meantime, we can continue to ruin our country. And if you dare to complain, we will shut you up by any means possible!” And their 17 million fans, who collectively have the intellectual capacity of a comatose mollusc clap their approval loudly and go back at abusing some poor immigrant. Barbarians in action.

Because the country accepts 14 (not 1400 or even 140, just 14) unaccompanied migrant children from Calais, an elected councillor thinks it’s perfectly normal to say they should have dental x ray to determine their age. Obviously his proposal was rejected immediately. But the media have talked about it, as if it was not some outrageous xenophobic bullsh*t but normal news, between the results of a football match and in the 2017 spring summer fashion. This is not normal. That kind of talk should not be normalised like that. No, dear BBC, to be neutral is not to provide a platform for the worst fascists who are calling at best for dictatorship, at worst for murder because you have previously  interviewed an economist who knows what he is talking about. This kind of “journalism” is not normal. When day after day, the government insists that 3 million European are second class citizen, are not even people but just bargaining chips with no guaranteed right, it is not normal. There are historical precedents. When a society stays silent and let the barbarians do as they please, it’s not normal. Because a barbarian do not know how to stop. Not only  is there no limit to their xenophobia, but they are so arrogant in their stupidity, they  prefer to ruin their own country and the whole society rather than acknowledge that they were wrong. And no it’s not normal.

I am afraid it may be irreversible. Again, I do not think we will all be kicked out of the country (well, with barbarians anything is possible…). But I think the British society has changed. Even if tomorrow we were somehow able to get rid of Theresa May and her henchmen and a new government could go to Brussels to plea on its knees to stay in the European Union, it will not solve the problem of the barbarians. It’s too late. Now that they have taken such a place in British society, they will no longer stay silent.

A French version of this post was already published on Pomdepin in Wonderland 

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6 Responses to The barbarians

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  2. Should we say English or British?
    I so agree with you. Your introduction is what should have happened.
    It’s becoming a nightmare with every day/second a bad surprise 😦
    Shame on England. And as you say, no possible return, it’s too late. Hope they’ll calm down a bit, one day (the sooner the better but well…)


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