Project 52 II 43

This week Ma has picked “house” for the theme for her year round photographic challenge. As I have already posted a lot of pictures of our home, I decided to go back in time. This summer, we went back to Ireland, and we religiously went to see every houses we lived in there, including our last one, which was the first we actually brought. 

It was quite an experience for a French couple used to the French bureaucracy… On the day we moved, having received our mortgage and actually signed a cheque to the developer, we didn’t have a single piece of paperwork, nothing at all to prove we had brought the house. The developer just told us to go in the next estate, which was still under construction and ask for the site manager. He would give us a key for our new home. Okay…Marichéri was a little bit tense, I was hyperventilating, everything was fine. Aaargh! But we did find the guy who kindly informed us that they had lost the front door key, but not to worry, his men were about to change our front door anyway. And he had the key for the back door if we wanted. So we entered our new home by the kitchen, we managed to squeeze our few possessions, including a sofa and a big mattress through the side. But all the paperwork was waiting nicely for us on the kitchen counter, and the builders did turn up the next day with a next front door and set of keys. I love Ireland! 

It was nice to see the house again especially the vegetation at the front. I planted all of these bushes, and they are not dead! Yoohoo! We were living there when L’Ado started school. GeekAdo was a tiny baby when we arrived, he learnt to walk in the front room. It was the first home for a minuscule PrincesseDiva. After 7 years of renting, we were finally free to decorate as we wanted, and we went a bit crazy. It also confirmed what we suspected all along, we are both hopeless at DIY. I painted the fire place white. And the stairs (big mistake, never again). Marichéri sanded the floorboards in the 4 bedrooms and we had to arranged the beds to hide where he destroyed sculpted the floor. I did a freestyle mural in the kids bathroom…I can’t believe we managed to sell the house! But we had fun there. 

If you are not completely bored after this, you can go and see first house we lived in on Pomdepin in Wonderland.

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5 Responses to Project 52 II 43

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  2. Did you care/dare knocking on the door to talk to the new tenants?!
    Remind me of so many souvenirs to see your photo…..


  3. That you had fun is the most important !


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