Project 52 #44

This week, Ma’ has chosen “bridge” as a theme for her photographic challenge. I am not a chauvinist at all of course, but I thought it was a perfect excuse to show you a little bit of Bordeaux. 

It is called the pont de Pierre, or stone bridge, because it’s not made of wood…ok, I am being serious, the bridge was built between 1819 and 1822 and it was the first solid one over the Garonne river in Bordeaux. Before that, you had to cross by boat. It marked the beginning of the left bank dwellings incorporation into the city. It was partially financed by private merchants so you had to pay a toll to cross it. The bridge has 17 arches, legend has it that it was to honour Napoleon Bonaparte (who has 17 letters in his name), as he was the first one who had the idea of its construction. Like it wasn’t enough that his portrait ornates the medallions the bridge’s side! But apparently it has nothing to do with him, it ‘s just a coincidence. Ahaha, it’s just a wonderfully beautiful bridge and I would like to stress once again that I am absolutely not a chauvisnit. Not at all. 

You can find another bridge (an English one this time) on Pomdepin in wonderland .

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7 Responses to Project 52 #44

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  2. I didn’t know about Napoleon and never counted how many letters he had in his name! LOL
    Beautiful bridge anyway! 🙂
    I looked back on last year same theme. It was in summer and I had plenty of ideas not like this week!!!
    Nice choice, really 🙂


  3. celine49 says:

    Tiens ben c’est justement ce que j’allais dire : mais c’est Bordeaux ça ❤ ❤ ❤ (chauvine moi, meuh non voyons 😛 )
    Par contre la Garonne me semble bien haute ce jour-là, non ?
    Bisous !!! (désolée, commentaire in french mais il est trop tard pour que je dépoussière mon english)


  4. It’s really a very nice bridge… Thanks for sharing !


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