I am sorry

This morning, for the first time ever,  I did not say hello to my son when I woke him up for school . I told him ” I’m sorry” first. I said hello after. I’m sorry for the world in which my children are growing up. I’m sorry because it’s my fault. It is the fault of all the adults who fuck up the future of their children without even realizing it. What did we do wrong, what have we missed? When I see my anger at the generation above, the baby boomers, I imagine how my children will react one day because we failed to protect their freedoms. Because it’s my generation’s fault, for being too complacent maybe, but the majority of the baby boomers have a huge responsibility too. Whether here with the brexit or in the US, they have proven how phenomenally racist, how blinded by sectarianism they were. The under 45 voted by a majority for Europe here. It was the over 45 who voted brexit. I saw a very interesting infographic the other day.Taking into account the distribution of votes by age, if we remove voters who have died since June 23 and if we add those who have turned 18, the referendum result would be exactly reversed. Why adults think they have the right to screw up the world without even thinking of the future of their children and grandchildren? 



Apparently in the United States, it was a protest vote against the elite. WTF?!? Since when a billionaire is not part of the elite? And do you realise how stupid it is to vote to show “them” that we are not happy … who are “they”? Sure in Britain, it is already working great, this protest vote. You have shown your anger, and you can see the results. Seriously, who do you thing is already suffering directly because of brexit? Who is seing their purchasing power melt because of the pound collapsing ? Who is afraid of losing their job because companies are closing or moving? Who is struggling to go shopping because prices are already soaring in supermarkets? Who will be hit by the benefits and pensions cuts? You think it will  be David Cameron? Or Hillary Clinton in the US? Or you, who managed to shot yourselves in the foot while claiming victory at the same time? I’m appalled. The morons are taking power everywhere. They blithely destroy all the values ​​I believe in, I’m lost. And I am becoming as selfish as them; selfish and angry. I don’t care about the tearful messages I received  this morning from people lamenting on the outcome of the US elections when, since June they have only told me to shut about my brexit. They  don’t care about it, or they say  we only have ourselves to blame, that it’s well deserved, we should not have left France. And this morning, they come crying because of Trump’s election! But he was elected by people like you. Who are embittered to the point of condemning the life choices of others without knowing why, because we have not the right to be different, or just because of laziness. 

I even wonder if we have to go back to France. Not because I think  France is  safe from the wave of populism that overwhelms the world, far from it. Not because I  like the idea of “going home”,  on the contrary it would be a complete failure, a total abdication of my dreams and everything I believe in. It would be like acknowledging all those who reject tolerance, freedom, openness to others, all those who believe that being born by chance somewhere means you can never move. But the brexiters have said it, and continue to scream it, Trump supporters have reaffirmed it this morning, sectarianism is winning. So what is best for my children? We continue to fight, in vain, or we move back to a country that is not theirs, a country they do not know and where they do not speak the language properly, because its name is on our passports? Because if we go back to France, we cannot be deported from it? I don’t  know. Anyway, it does not happen like that … but when do we feel things become unbearable and we have to give up? When does the present becomes so disturbing that we are ready to risk everything for an uncertain future? When do we realise that we waited too long to move and it’s too late? We are not there yet, but I’m afraid of having to find the answers to these questions. What should we do for the future of our children? What is the most risky for them: to stay or to leave? 3 million people are already wondering since June, and today millions more migrants (since it seems to be  our name) in the United States wake up with these questions too, with this knot in our stomach that never leaves us anymore. Because unhappy voters frustrated by life wanted to show their anger without understanding the consequences of their actions.

I’m sorry for my kids. They will not grow up with this immense hope for the future that I had at their age, with this tremendous momentum of freedom and tolerance that my generation has experienced. And destroyed by selfishness or laziness.

 Today is the anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall.

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3 Responses to I am sorry

  1. It is so complex. Don’t focus on the States only. England first, then Europe.
    I cannot say that you are useless in front of them, as I know with the Brexit, every little helps, complaining, shouting helps. But we are not the States and we do not think as they do. We don’t live their daily pain, their fear. It is again a vote for a change. He is not a politician but he climbed the business ladder, so his brain cannot be that stupid….. as usual he might (I hope) have good ideas, others are terrifying I agree but if he can make few good! changes, why not? And he is not alone to decide so cross fingers that it does not collapse (too much)


    • pomdepin says:

      Frankly, I don’t want to sound too self centered, but I am a lot more concerned by the situation here, which directly affects us, than by the US. I don’t think it’s comparable either. Trump has to answered to the congress, a lot of republicans do not share his more controversial ideas. The democrats are still there, and more importantly, if trump does a bad job, he will be gone in 4 years. There is no time limit on brexit, the labour opposition has vanished, they are to busy fighting between themselves to take notice of the country, and TM wants to by pass the parliament and to act against the law of her own country! And she does not have won an election.

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