Sunny Monday #47 

This month, Bernie has chosen the colour brown for his sunny Monday challenge. It is raining cats and dogs, I am seriously considering buying a wet suite for the school run, so I had a look in our photos files. It’s definitely sunny and the left hand side lama is very brown! And I find lamas hilarious, I love their facial expression, so that’s a bonus. 

Have a lovely week everybody! 

You can find another brownish picture on/ vous pouvez trouver une autre photo marron sur Pomdepin in Wonderland 

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5 Responses to Sunny Monday #47 

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  2. Lamas are weird animals, very useful to make warm jumpers! 😀


  3. Bernieshoot says:

    yes this lama is definitively brown ! well done !


  4. Renée says:

    Super ce cliché bravo


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