Project 52 #48

This week, Ma’ has chosen “history” as a theme. I could not decide between a historic monument or something with a twist…and the twist won. Here is a old, historic writing machine to write nice history novels with! 

You can find another historic picture/ vous pouvez trouver une autre photo historique sur Pomdepin in wonderland.

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8 Responses to Project 52 #48

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  2. I like your sense of humour 🙂 Well done!
    Is it yours?


    • pomdepin says:

      Yes, since Friday! My in laws inherited it from someone (a great aunt I think) and they brought it here with them. I also got a very unusual pair of candelabras…apparently, we are the only one interested in their ” old things” so every time they redecorate, we end up with another lot of family heirlooms

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  3. I really like old stuff like this !


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